What is SEPAC?
  • We are a source of information and support for parents.
  • We provide an opportunity for parents to connect with each other.
  • We are parents who advocate for children receiving special education services.
  • We work in partnership with Needham Public Schools organizations and administration.
  • We provide feedback and input to the Needham Special Education Department.
  • We organize monthly programs on topics to help parents of both special needs and typical children.


Congratulations to our 2014 SEPAC Award winners!

Each year, SEPAC recognizes Needham Public School employees who are truly exceptional, and have gone above and beyond in their work with students with special needs. Award winners include teachers, specialists, administrators, and staff members who have been nominated by SEPAC members.

On Monday, June 16, we presented awards to these 13 outstanding NPS employees:

Michaela Audette, Pollard Middle School
Renee Bellin, Pollard Middle School
Dr. Laurie Blakely, Broadmeadow Elementary School
Kate Condon, Pollard Middle School
Debra DiCicco, Newman Elementary School
Matt Ganas, Broadmeadow Elementary School
Rosemary Leone, Pollard Middle School
Cathy Lunetta, Broadmeadow Elementary School
Liza Martiniello, Broadmeadow Elementary School
Katie McGraw, Pollard Middle School
Megan O'Donnell, Pollard Middle School
Maggi Thompson, Broadmeadow Elementary School
Julie Vona, Pollard Middle School


Welcome our 2014-15 SEPAC Board!

On June 16 we elected new officers for the 2014-15 school year:

Hilary Hanson Bruel
Margaret Gray

Programming Chairs:
Marie Chieppo
Sara Federow
Risa Greendlinger

Diane Marget

Alisa Skatrud