Welcome to Needham SEPAC

We are parents of special education students who have joined together to provide information and support to each other. 

We meet regularly with school administrators to give our input on the policies and programs that affect our children.


Thursday, May 16th, 7:00-8:30pm
Broadmeadow Performance Center
**Please note new location**

Each year, SEPAC recognizes Needham Public School employees who are truly exceptional, and have gone above and beyond in their work with students with special needs. We hope you can join us as we celebrate our ten award recipients for their dedication and service.

Yvonne Barbier, Broadmeadow, Eliot 
Renee Barker, Hillside
Sascha D'Angelo, Pollard
Dan Lee, Needham Public Schools
Mona Maas, Eliot
Megan MacArthur, Newman
Xenia Papoulias, Needham Preschool
Nicole Rice, High Rock
Nancy Solari, Needham Preschool, Newman
Heather Sweeney, Needham High School

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Friday, May 31, 9:30am
Emery Grover Building, 1330 Highland Avenue

All parents are encouraged to attend our monthly business meetings. During the first hour we meet with administrators to discuss topics of common interest. Then parents remain for a guided conversation on the "topic of the month," which will help us determine agenda items for future meetings. 

2019 Presentations

2019 Unified Track Schedule
Note: due to limitations of the platform, schedule is listed under "Co-ed Freshman" on the Needham site. Dates subject to change.

 Date/Time     Team      Location
 4/10, 4:00pm          @ Newton South  Newton South 
 4/24, 3:45pm  Framingham    Defazio
 5/9, 3:45pm  @ Framingham  Framingham
 5/15, 3:45pm      Newton North   Defazio
 Week of 5/20 (TBD)  Sectionals  
 5/29, 2pm  States  Milford High School

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