Welcome to Needham SEPAC

We are parents and guardians of special education students who provide information and support to each other.

We meet regularly with school administrators to give input about the policies and programs that affect our children.

DESE Fact Sheet
"Questions And Answers On Providing Services To Children With Disabilities During The Coronavirus Disease 2019 Outbreak"


  • The remote learning opportunities referenced in the Superintendent's previous email will be hands-on or online activities to inspire academic engagement and provide structured learning. Please note:
    • Their content and style may vary by grade and class. They could be math games, guided reading, etc.
    • They are optional, will not be graded, nor counted as time spent on learning
    • They will review familiar material, not introduce new material
    • It is recognized that some students may not be able to engage in these activities without the specialized instruction methods or supporting services that they would be receiving if at school. Teachers will attempt to offer accommodations consistent with those provided with school tasks when possible
  • Students with Out Of District placements can continue to attend their OOD school if it remains open. For those OOD students who receive Needham transportation services, VanPool can continue to drive them to their program.
  • On Monday, March 16th, your building director or special education coordinator will send an update regarding IEP meetings, evaluations in-process and student supports.
  • This Monday, March 16th, parents may retrieve medications or other essential items held at school, during a specific time window that will be notified to you by your principal, after which time all school buildings will be closed.
  • The rescheduling of MCAS testing that falls during the furlough requires the coordination of the Department of Education and state legislature and is yet to be determined.
  • Dr. Gutekanst will continue to send frequent updates as changes are made or more details become available, with the next update expected in the next day or so. In our conversation, he articulated a sensitivity to the specific concerns of our community.
  • Any questions should be directed to your existing team.


  • "Intelligent Lives" Film Screening and Panel Discussion (March 25)

  • Coffee with Dr. Gutekanst (March 23)


  • Parent/Guardian Forum with Executive Director Candidates (March 18)
    An interview process for the position of Executive Director of Special Education will be held in March and will include an opportunity for parents and guardians to meet candidates and provide feedback.


April 14, 10:30am – 12:00pm
Emery Grover Building

All parents are encouraged to attend our monthly business meetings. During the first hour we meet with administrators to discuss topics of common interest. For the last half hour, parents remain for a guided conversation on the "topic of the month," which will help us determine agenda items for future meetings. 

Extended School Year Schedule

Grade K–8
Grade 9–12,
Ages 18–22
LOCATION Newman Elementary School
1155 Central Avenue
Needham High School
609 Webster Street
DATES & TIMES   July 6 – August 13, 2020
Monday – Thursday
8:30am - 1:00pm
July 6 – August 6, 2020
Monday – Thursday
8:30am - 12:30pm

2019-20 Presentations


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