Welcome to Needham SEPAC

We are parents of special education students who have joined together to provide information and support to each other. 

We meet regularly with school administrators to give our input on the policies and programs that affect our children.

"The Whats, Whys, and Whens
of Neuropsychological Testing"

Dr. David Stein will join us to discuss:
  • Why and when would I seek a  neuropsych for my child?
  • What’s the difference between a school evaluation, private neuropsych testing, and hospital-based testing?
  • What factors and practices lead to a high quality and useful evaluation?
  • What kinds of tests should be performed?
  • What is the process and what should I expect to receive from the evaluation?
  • What do the results mean and how do I interpret them?
Dr. David Stein is a pediatric psychologist specializing in neuropsychological testing, neurodevelopmental disorders, and learning differences.  He is the founder of New England Neurodevelopment, a pediatric psychology practice located in Concord, MA.  Dr. Stein completed his training at Boston Children's Hospital and Harvard Medical School, where he remained on the faculty through 2016, before founding New England Neurodevelopment.

Wednesday, January 17
7:00pm - Networking & Refreshments
7:30pm - Program Begins

Broadmeadow Elementary School
120 Broad Meadow Road

Out of District Coffee: Transition Planning

Stephanie Wyman and Transition Coordinator Ilene Asarch will join us to discuss transition planning. Families of in-district students welcome, too!

Friday, January 26, 9:00am 
Emery Grover Building

Coffee with Dan Gutekanst

Monday, February 12, 9:30am 
Emery Grover Building