Needham SEPAC

We are parents and guardians of special education students who provide information and support to each other. We meet regularly with school administrators to give input about the policies and programs that affect our children.

Volunteer with us !

SEPAC is a state-mandated organization run by parents, for parents. We operate with a small board, other committee appointments, and a network of parent liaisons at every school, pre-school through high school. We also have parent liaisons representing our out-of-district, post-graduate, homeschooled, and METCO families.

Many of our roles require a very modest time commitment and can largely be done on your own schedule.

The only qualifications needed are a wish to be involved with representing the needs of our children to the district, and a desire to support other families in their special education journey.

We are actively seeking a person (or persons) for the following roles:

  • Social Media Coordinator

  • Community Accessibility Coordinator

  • Parent liaison for homeschool families

Please contact our co-chairs if you are interested in learning more. Welcome aboard!



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