Statement of Support

June 11th, 2020

Dear SEPAC community,

Needham SEPAC recognizes that, although the pandemic has been difficult for all of us, no community has been harder hit than people of color, another example of the lethal and pervasive devastation of systemic racism. The unjust killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery, among so many others, demand that we call out policies that disproportionately harm Black people and actively work to change them. Needham SEPAC is committed to being an antiracist organization

Before schools closed, we were beginning to collaborate with Sinceree Diego, Chairperson of METCO Needham Parent Council, in developing a partnership of shared opportunities and had been scheduled to speak at a Needham METCO meeting before it was canceled by the lock-down. Ignited by the international protest movement, we are propelled now more than ever to pursue measures of support for our families of color, both those residing in Needham and outside it, as well as other underrepresented members of our special education community. To that end, we are taking the following actions:

We understand that the best way to instill less biased and more inclusive practices and programming is by cultivating a leadership group that represents the demographics of our members and our allies. Although our efforts are a work in progress and we will likely make mistakes along the way, we are committed to this work. It will lead Needham SEPAC to become a better organization and make our members stronger within it. 

With this letter, we hope to start a conversation and we invite all families, but particularly families of color, to share how we can better serve you and your needs.


Jenn Scheck-Kahn, Co-Chair and Eliot Liaison

Christianne Bayliss, Co-chair and Mitchell Liaison

Nathalie Blitz, Eliot Liaison

Hilary Bruel, Communications Chair

Rebecca Carroll, Preschool Liaison

Meredith Fried, Out-of-District Liaison

Carrie Galhouse, Sunita Williams Liaison

Anna Giraldo Kerr, High Rock/Pollard Liaison and Programming Committee Member

Karen Han, Needham High School Liaison and Programming Committee Member

Pamela Greenfield, Newman Liaison

Jen Kaddy, Secretary and Preschool Liaison

Carla Kopikis, Community Liaison and Sunita Williams Liaison

Michelle Lawrence, Treasurer

Sara Levy, Programming Committee Member

Liz Neustaedter, Out-Of-District Liaison

Raven Register, Eliot Liaison

Katie Rollauer, Newman Liaison

Jodi Rooney, High Rock/Pollard Liaison

Alisa Skatrud, Programming Chair

Mira Tamir Spiegel, Out-Of-District Liaison