IEP Meeting

Reunión del PEI

You will be meeting with your child’s team to develop an Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) that covers the next 12 months.

Understanding the meeting process and reviewing your student’s information will help your meeting run smoothly.

  • You will receive a meeting invitation in writing approximately two weeks prior to your meeting date. If you cannot attend on the date provided, contact your Team Chairperson by phone or email to schedule a new day.

    • You will be provided with a list of meeting attendees. These are members of your child’s team, and can include: special education liaison, classroom teacher(s), guidance counselor, and service providers.

    • You may invite others who have knowledge regarding your child to attend the meeting. Please inform your team in advance of additional attendees.

    • Beginning no later than age 14, students are required to be invited to their team meeting. Families determine at what age students start attending part or all of their Team meeting.

    • You should receive a parent input questionnaire. You are encouraged to complete and return it prior to the meeting, along with additional ideas, information, or concerns you would like to discuss. Let your Chairperson know if there are certain topics you would like to prioritize in the meeting.

    • Review your child’s current IEP and recent progress reports.

IEP development is an individualized process, but there are certain areas that should be covered in all Team meetings.

  • Team members will introduce themselves, sign an attendance sheet, and receive a meeting agenda.

    • The team will discuss the various areas of the IEP, including: parent and/or student concerns, student strengths, vision statement, current performance levels, accommodations, goal focus areas, transportation needs, service delivery grid, and placement.

    • Student placement is determined based on the IEP developed.

    • You are encouraged to take notes, but you will also be given a copy of the meeting notes taken by your Team Chairperson upon leaving the meeting.

An IEP will be developed based on the Team’s discussion.

  • You will be mailed a proposed IEP approximately ten school days after your meeting date.

    • If you have questions or concerns about the IEP, contact your Team Chairperson to discuss revisions.

    • You are expected to return your signed IEP within 30 days. Services will begin immediately upon receipt.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is the Team Chairperson and what does he/she do?
The Team Chairperson manages your child’s team, runs the meeting, and handles all documentation. The chairperson is usually a special education liaison, though it can also be a coordinator or the school’s team chair.

Can I see a draft of the proposed IEP prior to my meeting?
No. The purpose of the meeting is for the Team members to develop the IEP together, so the IEP will not be written until after your team meets.

What happens if we run out of time in the IEP meeting?
You can arrange with your Team Chairperson to set up additional time to meet with one or more Team members.

I’m not happy with the proposed IEP I received. What is the next step?
If you feel changes need to be made to the IEP, contact your Team Chairperson right away. Your Team can work with you to address your concerns. You also have the option of rejecting part or all of an IEP.

I don’t think we will be able to sign and return the IEP within 30 days of the meeting. What will happen?
Your child’s current IEP will remain in place until you sign and return the new IEP. There is no penalty for returning the IEP late, but you are encouraged to get it in as quickly as possibly so that your child’s Team can begin implementing the new IEP.