SEPAC Awards

Each year, SEPAC recognizes Needham Public School employees who are truly exceptional, and have gone above and beyond in their work with students with special needs. Award winners include teachers, specialists, administrators, and staff members who have been nominated by SEPAC members.

We are disappointed that we will not be able to honor our winners in person this year, but SEPAC is still excited to share their achievements with families, colleagues, and the Needham community. You can read more about each recipient by clicking on their name below:

2020 Award Recipients

Erica Beaton, Pollard

David Blake, Pollard

Kerri DeSimone, Preschool

Emily Dudek, Pollard

Jen Hansford, Mitchell

Grace Healy, Mitchell

Vanessa Iorlano, Newman

Jessica Leroux, Preschool

Marissa Maki, High Rock

Shane Marchand, Needham Public Schools

Kaitlin O'Malley, Needham High School

Emily Rosenthal, Pollard

Michael Ryan, Pollard



Yvonne Barbier, Broadmeadow, Eliot

Renee Barker, Hillside

Sascha D'Angelo, Pollard

Dan Lee, Needham Public Schools

Mona Maas, Eliot

Megan MacArthur, Newman

Xenia Papoulias, Needham Preschool

Nicole Rice, High Rock

Nancy Solari, Needham Preschool, Newman

Heather Sweeney, Needham High School


Andrew Coyle, Newman

Elizabeth Cushing, Needham High School

Suzy Galvin, Needham Public Schools

Natalie Guthrie, Needham High School

Stephanie Hamel, Broadmeadow

Sara Harkins, Needham Preschool

Christine Joseph, Needham Preschool

Heather McCarthy, Broadmeadow

Katie McGraw, Pollard

Laura Szum, Mitchell

Jennifer Terakedis, Needham Preschool

Alison Weeks, Broadmeadow


Dr. Laurie Blakely, Broadmeadow

Tiffany Cammuso, Newman

Kim Connolly, Hillside

Gerard Fagan, Needham Public Schools

Zoe Gelinas, Newman

Amanda Grabel, Pollard

Paula Hartigan-Patey, High Rock

Cathy Lunetta, Broadmeadow

Nicole Mason, High Rock

Betsy Maxwell, Eliot

Nicholas Miller, Needham High School

Kelly Weene, Eliot


Ali Abba, Mitchell

Tamatha Bibbo, Pollard

Katie Brady, Needham High School

Charley Connor, Needham Preschool

Lexi Corbett, Broadmeadow

Lauren DellaCagna, Needham High School

Brenna Feeley, Hillside

Ann Grant, Broadmeadow

Megan Hoelzer, Needham Preschool

Allie Lanctot, Hillside

Betsy Maxwell, Eliot

Kevin Mullaney, Needham Public Schools

Margaret Petrovich, Hillside

Jeanette Word, Needham High School


Lisa Austin, Needham High School

Jo-Anne Bagley, Eliot

Dr. Aron Blidner, Newman

Susan Eyler, Broadmeadow

Emily Gaberman, Broadmeadow

Carol Grady, Broadmeadow

Jennifer Henry, Newman

Karen Hwang, Broadmeadow

Gia Jeas, Eliot

Livia Rizzo, Needham High School

Nancy Solari, Needham Preschool

Regina Thornton, Eliot


Michaela Audette, Pollard

Renee Bellin, Pollard

Dr. Laurie Blakely, Broadmeadow

Kate Condon, Pollard

Debra DiCicco, Newman

Matt Ganas, Broadmeadow

Rosemary Leone, Pollard

Cathy Lunetta, Broadmeadow

Liza Martiniello, Broadmeadow

Katie McGraw, Pollard

Megan O'Donnell, Pollard

Maggi Thompson, Broadmeadow School

Julie Vona, Pollard


Joanne Bowdridge, Pollard

Renee Campana, Pollard

Thomas Carco, Broadmeadow

Emily Dudek, Pollard

Bonnie Haggerty, Newman

Kelly Hurley, Needham Public Schools

Heather Murphy, Newman

Dina Spiropoulos, High Rock

Paul Tzovolos, Needham Public Schools


Dr. Lisa Chen, Pollard

Diane Dunham, Needham Preschool

Luisa Gouthro, Pollard

Kelly Hurley, Needham Public Schools

William Lemothe, Pollard

Mark Smith, High Rock and Pollard

Abigail Taube, High Rock


Emily Distaso, Newman

April Haffner, Broadmeadow

Kelly Hurley, Needham Public Schools

Erin Kelly, Hillside

Mary Lammi, Needham Public Schools

Julie Minarski, Newman

Dina Spiropoulos, High Rock