Jessica Leroux

Needham Preschool

Jessica Leroux is a kind, dedicated, and talented teaching assistant at the preschool, working with some of the youngest children in the Needham Public Schools. Colleagues say, “Jess is all heart. She cares deeply for her students and that shows in the work that she does every day.”

One family says, “Jessica is easily one of the kindest, most considerate people my family has ever encountered.” She is praised for being warm, friendly, and importantly, unflappable. “Nothing seems to faze her — she simply never stops smiling,” said one parent.

She is described as a quick learner and someone who understands children. And the children sense that she really cares about them. A parent shared, “My son doesn't warm up to people very quickly, but it seems like he adored Jess from his first day meeting her. She just seems like she was born to work with kids.”

Jessica’s connection to her students extends beyond the boundaries of her job assignments. One parent comments that she continued to support a connection with a past student. “Jess still greets him with the warmth and kindness of an old friend, and he is ecstatic every time he catches sight of her. She cheers for him every time he rides off on his bicycle, and she still watches out for him when he is navigating the playground with the ‘big kids’ after school.” 

This warmth and dedication to her students shows through in how she does her work. She sees potential in her students, and focuses on their strengths. She has a warm manner that helps children overcome their stumbling blocks. A parent writes, “My son has trouble transitioning in and out of school, and Jess always greeted him with a warm smile and lighthearted manner that helped make the process so much easier. When days were tough, she never made us feel like her work with him was a burden.” 

The deep care and understanding Jessica has for her students make her much loved among both students and families. She goes above and beyond to help students be happy and successful at school, and families are sad to say goodbye to her when their child moves on to kindergarten. Thank you, Jessica, for your warmth, kindness, and dedication to the preschool children! 

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